Ferrari F430 Spider – the Femme Fatale of Racers

It’s the season of festivities as everyone ushers in a brand new year partying and rewarding themselves with their generous year end bonuses. As you celebrate the coming of the Chinese Lunar New Year at the countdown parties, nothing impresses your buddies more than a gorgeous new companion by your side.

The F430 Spider, is the alluring V8-engined beauty, a joint effort of Pininfarina, and Frank Stephenson, the talented young designer who spent several years overseeing Ferrari’s styling studio. The F430 Spider easily becomes the centre of attraction as her svelte line shape exudes the confident elegance typical of a Ferrari droptop, boasting a compact, fully automatic electric sloping hood that makes no attempts to hide her well endowed assets. She makes easy banter with her mates as her charisma shines through her red slinky dress. You know that riding her is going to be a memorable experience with a tail light that apes the stylish Ferrari Enzo. Compared with the predecessor, the F360, the F430 Spider has made leaps forward. At 4.3 litres, the engine is 700cc bigger, and the bhp of 483 and torque of 343 Ib/ft are both significant improvements. If the F360 was beautiful, the F430 is irresistible!

The F430 Spider obliges for a dance and you find the E-Diff or electronic differential, is a standard quality. On the track, the E-Diff gives maximum grip out of bends, eliminating wheel spin. It increases balance and grip, noticeably improves acceleration for the driver and provides better steering feel. Features include the steering wheel-mounted rotary switch, known to the Scuderia’s drivers as the ‘manettino’, which allows the car’s set-up to be adjusted easily and quickly according to the various types of dance music. She is capable to reach a top speed of over 193 mph and cover 62miles just 4.1 seconds. Like a tease, she smiles and slips away effortlessly using the six-speed clutchless manual transmission actuated by paddle shifters on the steering wheel. The speed, the sound and the smooth throttle of Ferrari engine impresses and although this attractive F430 Spider would be the perfect iconic status symbol but she is a lady difficult to conquer and tough to win over.

The F430 Spider connects directly to the racing roots of her Italian automaker, her slick tyres, proper down force and exceptionally sharp responses will make your drives on the Singaporean urban landscape a definite pleasure. In her, you find speed, power, beauty and practicability, all of what a man wants, so make the pursuit of this femme fatale your top resolution for 2007.